Thursday, September 16, 2010

grocery shopping in europe

Who comes up with these flavours? Do they create test groups to see which flavours will have more appeal to a mass market? I would like to be a participant in one of those test groups... and maybe suggest a Honey Garlic flavour... if that hasn't already been done yet.

Check out the liquor in the background. And no, it does not say 'Trojan' on the bottle. It's Trojika or something strange. The flavour: Pink Nectar. Yeah, that's right. I drank PINK in Switzerland. And it was strong stuff. Like, drink it in the evening and wake up the next morning with the taste still in your mouth strong. Don't let the colour fool you. PINK is not a wuss.

Cereal in a Milan grocery store. It says "Choco Crack!" Very curious. Wanted to buy it but I require milk for my cereal and our hotel didn't have a fridge. Next time... until we meet again, Choco Crack!

Late night munchies... and some drinks :)

A 3-hour train ride to Roermond requires some snacks and water. It is absolutely essential. It would be nice to have some in-train entertainment, like have someone play an electronic accordion (Paris on the Bikram yoga line to the Eiffel Tower!). That would be awesome.

It's like 2 Kit Kat bars in one neat package. I like.

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