Thursday, September 16, 2010

what they say is true

Eating out in Europe is expensive. Especially in Switzerland.

Real Dutch pannakoeken at the Pancake Factory.
Our $60 pizza lunch. My sparkling water was $4 and her Coke was $3. Insane.
Found a Swiss bakery that made too many good things. This somehow made it back to our hotel.
Breakfast at the Best Western in Switzerland. Gobbles likes fruit.
Bought a snack for the train ride to Milan. Salami pretzel sandwich. Yum, although very fatty.
Went out to dinner with our hostess and her boyfriend to this nice little spot that I wouldn't be able to ever find again, even if I had the directions, a map and a compass.
Lunch at a little cafe in a square in De Hagg. I had my first cup of fresh peppermint tea and I loved it! Must find peppermint to grow at home/work so I can have my own fresh peppermint tea.
At a cafeteria-style restaurant by the designer premium outlets in Roermond. The desserts were very rich; they definitely don't stint on the butter in Europe!
Love prosciutto. Ate lots of it in Europe. You can go to the grocery stores there and find a whole section dedicated to different varieties of prosciutto. Back home, there's only ONE brand of prosciutto and it's $7 for a few measly slices. Not fair.

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