Sunday, January 2, 2011

alternative to dim sum

So, what was suppose to be dim sum brunch on Sunday morning with my girl, Shar, turned out to be a gong show at Kirin Restaurant as the horde of people waiting in the lounge area ALL had reservations and were patiently/impatiently waiting for their tables. Unfortunately for us, with no reservations, this meant that we weren't going to be seated until 1 o'clock that afternoon. After much texting back and forth, we decided on Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway for Szechuan cuisine. It turned out to be a scrumptious and filling brunch, although the bamboo shoots in the "cat ears" dish tasted a little woodsy.

Sliced potato wrapped in pan-fried flatbread.
Xiao long bao! Best eaten when it's still hot!

"Cat ears" noodles stir fried with slices of pork, green snow peas, fungus, carrots and bamboo shoots.

Spicy wonton and spinach.

We also exchanged Christmas presents, since we couldn't get together before the holidays, due to busy schedules. I got her the Urban Decay Naked palette that's been sold out everywhere for months now and she got me these lovely gifts:

I didn't break my lipgloss ban for 2011, since my friend got this for me as a present! Always wanted to try this, too!
I was actually looking at this exact same hard case at when I initially got my iPhone. Love it when friends think alike
Last, but not least: Handmade (minus the frame) on her own letterpress. How cool is that?! BEST PRESENT EVAR! I ♥ it immensely, typo and all. This makes me smile ever time I read it.

PS: the lyrics are from the song, "Such Great Heights" from Postal Service, one of my favourite songs of all time. 


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