Saturday, July 23, 2011


Khatsahano, the West 4th Avenue Music and Art Street Festival, took over the west side as 4th Avenue was closed off from Burrard to MacDonald for the festival. A huge street party took over as thousands of people and their canine friends took in the mouthwatering aromas from various street food trucks and stalls, patio parties, great sales and discounts from stores sucks as Moule and American Apparel and a huge garage sale that stretched for blocks as neighbours brought out tables and racks of clothes, jewellery, wares and knick-knacks to sell. 

Zulu Records curated an impressive lineup of local musicians and bands to perform free concerts at five stages located at the intersections at Vine, Cypress, Yew, Maple and Arbutus. Popular shows included Aidan Knight, The Shilohs, Flash Palace and the Evaporators fronted by lead singer, Nardwuar the Human Serviette (apparently that's his legal name).

Hot Panda rocking out. I love the name.
Organic beef burger with cheese from Whole Foods. Mmm...
Money from the hot dog sales go to charity, so of course, it only has zero calories.
Neighbours showcasing their wares along a huge multi-block garage sale.
Cute puppy was so friendly and energetic. Managed to take this shot in the 5 seconds he was standing still before he started bouncing around on the grass again.
The Shilohs.
Aidan Knight and friends
Funky sofa in front of one of the yoga stores.
The Flash Palace with a great electronic sound.
Vintage buses lined the streets of 4th Avenue.
Dunk a fireman for charity!
This girl was waiting for her friend outside of Bimini's. These dogs were HUGE.
Butter chicken with naam bread and rice. The chicken was so tender and the naam bread was nice and hot. SO GOOD.
Street skateboarding inside a cage in case someone bailed, which did happen a few times.
He must have just been sweating buckets inside that ram's head...
This little cutie pie wanted to say hello.
The Evaporators with Nardwuar as the lead singer. He was wearing a Canadian thermal suit.
I was just as confused as this kid.

I decided to walk over the Burrard Street bridge on my way home:

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