Saturday, July 9, 2011

don't be a jerk... chicken!

Went all the way to Maple Ridge (okay, it was only about an hour and 20 minutes by bus) to see my friend's jewellery booth at the Caribbean Festival. I didn't know Maple Ridge had a Caribbean community, but hey, I wasn't going to say no to Caribbean food! Jerk chicken and goat curry, anyone? The smell of it was absolutely intoxicating, but the line-ups were super long and I was starving, so it was popcorn and mini doughnuts for lunch! Met a lot of cute puppy dogs, and managed to take some pictures, too. Oh, and there were a lot of people judging as well. Me and my friend could turn it into an Olympic sport, given the chance.

If you want to check out more jewellery from Beads Deep, like their Facebook page here --->

Beads Deep's selection of earrings.
The creative minds behind Beads Deep: Tanya and Andrea.
The Beads Deep booth was right next to a dog food vendor who was giving out samples. So many cute dogs stopped by to say hello and have a sip from the water bowl.
Another jewellery vendor selling funky necklaces.
A band setting the mood for the Caribbean fest. A lot of reggae was played.
I think her name is Sandy? Can't remember now, but as you can see, she had her toe nails painted red! So cute!
Lots of bright bags, jewellery and nicknacks.
Not quite sure what this was for... to honor fallen soldiers, maybe?
Cute kid sweater jackets and cardigans that you won't find at the GAP.

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