Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 125th Vancity!

So, Vancity is celebrating its 125th anniversary and what better way to kick off the 125 Vancouver Summer Live celebrations than with a free 3-day live concert in Stanley Park at Brockton Point. I went on Sunday, the last day of the event and caught some awesome live performances.

Grey heron just chilling in a tree.
To get to the Summer Live event, you had to trek through a trail going into the park and some of those trees are T-A-L-L.
As I was walking along the trail, I was startled by knocking noises. Looking up, I realized it came from the woodpeckers tapping on wooden boxes. Apparently, the knocking noise is suppose to create some sort of melody, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out. It just sounded like... knocking.
Close up of the musical woodpeckers.
Got a prime seat to watch Aidan Knight perform.
After watching Aidan Knight perform his set, I pretty much ran over to the merch tent to pick up his CD, Versicolour. I was only previously familiar with one of this songs, Jasper, but I loved the whole set so I had to get the CD.
The name says it all. If you've never tried mini donuts, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED.
Story-telling and a puppet show for the kids.
Plenty of stilt walkers to talk to, ask for directions or ask how the weather is like up there.
I loved how the park was decorated for Vancity's 125th. So festive ♥

You can't have a free concert without beer. Unfortunately, the beer is not free.

After seeing Aidan Knight's set, I went over to the other stage to watch the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra perform. Got a good spot, centre stage and then this happened. You don't need two umbrellas to shade you from the sun. Wear some damn sunscreen, sunglasses and a fucking hat.

The crowd watching VSO perform. You notice there aren't any other umbrellas obstructing peoples' views.

This is Tate Zawadiuk. He's 14 years old. Just turned FOURTEEN like three days before this summer festival. He's the same size as the cello. Impressive.

Hula hoop contest. I nominate the old guy in front to participate.

Lounging and taking in some sun during intermission.

On my way home. I decided to walk back to the downtown core, since taking the bus would have been out of the question, after seeing the mass crowds waiting for the shuttle. I guess I wasn't the only one.

The sign says: "Beware, bike eating tree. No bike parking." Must be a rare, endangered species of tree.

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