Saturday, January 28, 2012

whet your appetite

Another dine-out experience, this time with my co-workers and we tried out a new restaurant on Granville Island, whet kitchen bar and patio. Loved the view from the restaurant as it's right by the water. We ordered a bunch of different plates and the overall consensus from everyone was that the food was absolutely delicious. Most likely, we'll come back and try some dishes from their regular menu, maybe in the summer time when we can have a better view of the water.

Oyama sausage plate with roasted peppers, dijon mustard and a balsamic apricot reduction drizzled over the plate.

Ceviche: sea scallops, mahi mahi mixed with lime, garlic and served on corn tortillas with wasabi aioli. Tart, sweet and a bit of a kick with the wasabi, which I really liked.

Crab cakes rolled in a panko batter and served with mango aioli, spinach and avocado ranch sauce.

Merlot braised short ribs: boneless short rib served with merlot gravy and a dollop of ricotta cheese with a side of mushroom linguini. It kinda tasted like a suped up version of beef stroganoff.
Shrimp and scallop vermicelli: served with shallots, chardonnay, bechamel, scallions and fresh mango. I really liked this dish, it was nice and light, but still flavourful and filling.
Red velvet cake served with raspberry coulis and whipped cream. A classic.

Dark chocolate espresso cheesecake. This was surprisingly very rich and you can taste a hint of espresso in the chocolate.
Apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce. Love apple strudel and this was the perfect dessert for me after eating the shrimp pasta, as I was about 3/4 already and didn't want to over-stuff myself.

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