Saturday, February 11, 2012

the illuminati have taken over downtown

I just randomly came across this event while I was making my shopping rounds downtown and lucky for me, I happened to have my camera with me (for once!) and took some pictures of Yaletown being taken over by lights. It was a fun event that showcased a lot of cars (?!) and light technology. 

Light show using blocks of ice and each sculpture changed into a rainbow of colours and it slowly melted. 

The side of the building was used as a platform for a light video game, where the objects fell from the corner and made their way down, around the windows, like watching a pinball machine. 

Adding another dimension to Illuminate Yaletown event was a fire dance show where participants displayed their talent for not being burned alive using hula hoops lit up in flames and other props. 
Random decked out bus that kids used as a playground.  
Disco lights on the street made for a trippy walk.
The side of the building used as a backdrop for light graffiti. I thought this was brilliant and a lot of fun. 
Mini coopers lit up and on display.

I came across this while waiting at the bus stop. Sponsored by MADD. Don't lose your head people. 

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