Friday, August 13, 2010

richmond nite market aka squid annihilation

{ Yes, you read it right. DEEP-FRIED cheesecake and candy-bars. Holy heart attack Batman! }
{ Pan-fired green onion pancake. Old school classic }
{ Total squid annihilation }
{ Dessert was mango on mango }
{ Street meat is always good }
{ Sumo burger: sticky rice stuffed with pork wieners, caramelized onions and lettuce }
{ Deep-fried mini doughnuts and deep-fried Oreo cookies! }
{ Would you like some 'tengerine' lemon black tea?}
{ Super-sized cotton candy = sleepless nights for parents }
{ Animal hats and animal underwear. Especially like the yellow pig pair.}
{ Would you buy underwear at a street market? Would you? }
{ So cute! }
{ There's something for your pooch here, too }
{ There was an exotic reptile museum set up at the market. Not for sale, mostly for educational purposes. }
{ The panda socks are really cute. }
{ The view from across the inlet as we headed back to the parking lot }

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