Saturday, November 6, 2010

funky sushi

But in a good way, not in a potential-food-poisoning bad funky way. The Eatery is only a few blocks away from work, so me and my friend stopped by to check out the eats. My verdict: damn good sushi. Very innovative (KFC sushi anyone?) and tasty to boot. Definitely coming back to try some of the more wacky sushi rolls (electric banana?!).

My friend's peach and sake margarita (really good) and my Hello Kitty cocktail (tastes like yummy sour candy!) on the right.
Salmon sashimi salad with mango and kiwi fruit.
KFC roll: chicken cutlet topped with avocado and unagi mayo.
I ordered the The Sweetheart roll (spicy tuna, chopped scallop, tobiko and black sesame sauce) and the Paper Crane (tuna tempura, avocado, scallop and salmon wrapped in soya bean sheet) below. I especially liked the Sweetheart roll, that might be my favourite roll so far.

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