Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's not all about hockey

Canucks fever has sweeped the city but we do have another sports team, the Vancouver Whitecaps. I got to see them in action, playing against the New York Red Bulls in scorching hot weather, which was great for watching the game, but not so great for me since I wasn't wearing sunscreen and ended up getting burned.

And let the game begin!

GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLL! Unfortunately, the NY Red Bull scored a goal and the game was tied 1-1.
Afterwards, we were deciding on a place for a late lunch and while the call of Chronic Tacos was strong, we went to the Jagerhof Schnitzel House in North Vancouver.

Escargots in herb butter served with bread to start the meal.

I ordered the Hawaiian Schnitzel: schnizel stuffed with cheese, ham and pineapples, served with red cabbage and potatoes.

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