Friday, June 17, 2011

bonjour mon ami!

Me and my friends have been on a bit of a French cuisine kick, and our latest conquest was this little nonchalant bistro on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano that can be easily overlooked with its white storefront and pale green signage. We wandered in after work, without reservations, but managed to get a table in about 10 minutes, as it was still fairly early for dinner. After much debate over the menu (since we wanted to sample everything!), we finally settled on some starters and entrees. In hindsight, if we had known the portion sizes would be so generous, we would have ordered only two entrees or maybe even one because we all had leftovers to bring home.

French bread with butter and olive tapenade to start.
Escargot in garlic butter, served with fresh greens on the side drizzled with sweet balsamic vinegar. As far as I'm concerned, you can never go wrong with escargot.
I had the endive and poached pear salad with spiced walnuts, Stilton cheese and balsamic dressing. The Stilton cheese was not overpowering and the it was a delicious warm salad.
Shared a warm caramelized onion and Maplewood smoked bacon gruyere tart with my dining friend.
My friend ordered the Filet of Sole served with almond butte. Very generous portions and the sole was tender and delicious buttery goodness. 
Duck confit macaroni & cheese was the next entree to arrive at the table and it was absolutely decadent. I could eat several servings of the macaroni and cheese, but I did find the duck to be a tad chewy.
On my place: mac and cheese, ratatouille and a serving of rabbit in white wine and mustard sauce.
We thought a side dish of ratatouille would be just that, a side dish and not a platter! But it was very delicious.
We will have to come back and try the other dishes, especially the beouf bourguignon, Fisherman's stew and the lamb shank with rosemary, apricot, tomato in red wine sauce. I wander if Julia Child would approve...

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