Sunday, October 9, 2011

las vegas - 2nd time around

This was definitely more of a shopping trip than a party trip... and I have the credit card bills to prove it! But we didn't spend the whole trip shopping and abusing my credit card. We also stopped by the Atomic Testing Museum which is about 20 minute cab ride from the main strip. Very informative and quite the eye-opener, especially finding out how the American government was trying to promote/spin the need for atomic bombs as a positive(?!) source of energy and the way of the future.

Part of a film we watched that explained how atomic energy is created. Obviously before they explode, atoms do a little jig.

The letter below from a professor in Osaka, Japan to the government of the United States, outlining some of the health risks of atomic radiation exposure:
This is a photo of an atomic explosion forming in the first few seconds. It was photographed at a rate of 1/1,000,000 of a second.
After visiting the Atomic Testing museum, cheesy entertainment was required and that was fulfilled with this:
View the promotional video here for more laughs.

Side story: Now, when we had brunch earlier in the day, I ordered the chef's special of chicken and salad. Silly me, thinking that chicken portion would only consist of a thigh or a drumstick, completely forgetting that I was dealing with American portion sizes. So when my meal arrived, half a chicken and some greens on the side was presented to me. I mean, it was delicious and the salad was fresh, but it's still  half. a. chicken.

The bird in all its glory.
Gobbles and Einstein taking in the medieval festivities at the Excalibur.
We came here for the Knights Tournament and included in the ticket price was dinner, which was a WHOLE CHICKEN and vegetables. A whole FREAKING chicken! Of course, I wasn't able to finish the whole chicken; I just basically picked at it and ate about a quarter of the bird. So basically, in one day, I consumed 3/4 of a chicken. Not too thrilled about the food selection here. I mean, vegetarians were obviously not considered when they were coming up with the meal plan.

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