Tuesday, October 2, 2012

weekend road trip

Finally got to meet the infamous Raja, my friend's strange little dog, when I went to visit her in Abbotsford for the weekend.

I took a half-day off work, packed my bag and headed downtown to Waterfront Station to catch the West Coast Express on time. I love train rides and spent most of my time looking out the window, watching the scenery change as the train lumbered along. Surprisingly, it was only an hour-long train ride to reach the final destination at Mission, where my friend picked me up from the station.

We went out for dinner that night and ended up driving around downtown Abbotsford since our first choice for dinner, a Greek restaurant, had closed down a couple of weeks ago. So, we ended up at this place on the side of the road, and unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the restaurant now...
My friend's dinner: Jack Daniels BBQ ribs with vegetables. The ribs looked really tender and tasty. She also had a side of roasted potatoes as well. 
My shrimp alfredo fettucine that was delicious but it was super filling. 
This picture was taken in the parking lot. The restaurant was surrounded by this massive forest and I'm pretty sure we saw an eagle earlier. 
The next day, we decided to head down to the Seattle Premium Outlets to do a little shopping. We were waiting in line at the border crossing when I spied this creature standing by the side of the road:

Looking a little anorexic there, horsey.
Got through the border crossing and made a stop at Bellis Fair before we headed over to the outlet stores and we saw this sign on the way:

"Hotel Transvyl... Bourne Legacyvania"
I'm interested to know what the plot is for "Bourne Legacyvania" 
The view heading down to the States. 
In line for Auntie Anne's soft pretzels and this lady was wearing what appeared to be a halter top, over a black dress, over a pair of jeans. I don't get it...  
Making fudge... that is a sweet job to have... 
The view heading home. 
Plenty of farms and acres of crops and land as we drove back home. 
This pretty kitty is a snob. 
My haul from our day shopping down in the States. I'm looking forward to the Halloween Oreos.
Overall, I was disappointed with our shopping trip to the Seattle Premium Outlets. There wasn't a lot of great sales, and I only ended up buying a leopard belt at J. Crew. When we were leaving, we found out that the following week was Columbia Day down in the States, so maybe there would be better sales that weekend. But, we did eat lots of soft pretzels... so yummy and buttery soft :D~

The sun setting as we head out for dinner.
Ralph taking a cat nap... in a weird sleeping position. 
Raja with his new hair cut.
Raja found a sunny spot for his nose. 
The biggest sunflower that I've ever seen. This thing is HUGE. You could wear the sunflower as a hat!

On my way home. 

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