Sunday, December 30, 2012

snapshots from 2012

Dressed up as a kitty cat for Halloween. A sassy one too, if you can't tell from my face. 
Helping my friend move the cats between houses as the professional movers take care of the heavy stuff.  Poor Bobo stayed in his carrier the whole day, even after the movers left. He didn't even come out for sashimi. Finally came out in the middle of the night to jump in and out of the leftover, empty cardboard boxes, Maru-style.
Kinski was completely fearless; the minute her carrier door was open, she was exploring the house and looking for new hiding places. 
Owls everywhere!
A stuffed rattle for my friend's daughter's first birthday. 
Wrestling with this pork shoulder to make pulled pork. 
This lady was carrying her pet goose around in a make-shift buggy and letting people take pictures for a dollar. 
Snarf Snarf sleeping under my friend's Christmas tree. The next morning, half of the ornaments were on the floor.  
My first Christmas tree!
And since it was my first Christmas in my new place, I also got a Grinch tree from Divine Vines in Yaletown. 
My friend woke up Sputnik from his nap to take this picture. He was not amused. 
This is what my sister got me for Christmas! I want the Batman figurine now...
Bobo looking dashing. 

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