Sunday, January 26, 2014

get it before it's gone

It's sad when you see a cosmetic line leave Sephora, but it's even more sad when it's name brand that you have always wanted to try but never really got around to it. The only good thing out of this scenario is the discounted prices when Sephora puts it all on sale to get rid of leftover stock. So, before everything disappeared for good (as you won't be able to find Lorac Cosmetics in Canada anymore, boo!), I picked up a few items to try out.
The Lorac POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder is smooth to the touch, not too powdery and really nice but it's just a tad shade darker than my current skin-tone. I think once the weather gets warmer and I start getting a "glow," this colour will be perfect me.

I checked the swatches on-line for this product, but I didn't realize how bronzed this highlighter was until I had it in my grubby paws. It's a lovely colour and kinda reminds me of the Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer (which I can't seem to find on Sephora... is it discontinued?!)
Last but not least, is the Lorac Pro to Go palette, which is essentially THE perfect all-in-one travel palette. It comes with 4 natural eyeshadows, 2 highlighting shadows, 2 matte blushes (coral and pink), a matte bronzer and 2 small brushes. The design of the palette separates the eyeshadows from the blushes and bronzers, folds up into a sturdy, compact palette with magnetic closures and is pretty much all you need to create a day to night look.

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