Saturday, February 22, 2014

bite me

I wandered into Sephora downtown with no real intention of buying anything and happen to stumble upon the Bite Beauty lip lab event, where you can choose your colour, finish (satin, matte or sheer) and essential oil to make your own custom lipstick for the price of $36. Of course, I couldn't pass up this opportunity and walked out with 2 colours: #23 a neutral pink colour with citrus and #27 a raspberry red with mint. 

I also got a free cinnamon plumping lip oil sample with my purchases, which I haven't tried yet. I'm assuming it gives you that tingling feeling as the cinnamon stimulates your lips, giving you that momentary plumpness.

*Sorry for the blurry last picture, my camera was having troubles zooming in onto the product. 

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