Sunday, March 16, 2014

new neutrals

While I think Clinique's skincare line is top notch (love their Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturizer and All About the Eyes cream), I'm not too familiar with their makeup line except for their Black Honey Almost Lipstick and Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss, both of which I have in my collection. When I was in high school, I tried on my mum's purple eyeshadow from Clinique and I vividly remember the eyeshadow having massive fall out and looking like someone punched me in the eye. 

One night, I happen to be casually browsing through the Sephora website, as one with a makeup addiction does and this popped up in the New Arrivals section. I was intrigued and decided to take a closer look in-stores. After the first swatch, I HAD to have it. Unfortunately, it was sold out at my local Sephora. A couple days later, I was downtown and checked out the Sephora there and they had it in stock! I threw it into my basket, booted to the cashier and 5 minutes later, I walked out with a new palette. 

It's very sleek and compact, fits nicely in the hand, comes with a dual-sided brush, and a full mirror. The eyeshadows are very creamy and blend perfectly with one another. I don't really use the dual-sided brush that it comes with but if I was in a pinch, it's not horrible to use.

I'm glad to have this is my collection and I think it's a great palette for travel and will look good on anyone, from a classic work look to a dramatic smokey eye.

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