Thursday, August 2, 2012

light up the night

Wandered down to English Bay with some friends to check out Brazil's submission for the Celebration of Lights on August 1, 2012. The weather was perfect for firework viewing, even if it did get cooler as the sun was setting. As for the actual fireworks display, I was a little underwhelmed because I was expecting more colour in their fireworks display, but overall it was a good show.

Prime seats for the Celebration of Lights.
This jazz band pretty much played all night from 5 o'clock to around 9 o'clock as the sky was darkening. 
The beluga mascot from the Vancouver Aquarium was very popular with the kids... and some adults too! 
I had the munchies and there was an ice-cream cart in my direct sight... so Spongebob met a quick death. 
Dusk slowing falling and the light disappearing. 

After the last firework disappeared from the night, we were already walking down the street, trying to beat the majority of the crowd to get home. We ended up walking from English Bay, across the Granville Street bridge, along Broadway where I dropped my friends off at the 99 B-line bus stop and then continued to walk up Broadway to the Broadway/City Hall sky-train station, where I got to rest my weary feet on a seat on the sky-train.

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