Sunday, July 22, 2012

khatsahlano festival - meow!

Woke up late Saturday morning and had to run some errands that took longer than I thought but still managed to get to the Khatsahlano Festival on West 4th Avenue. I went last year and I loved it and this year, it did not disappoint. Great music, rows of food trucks for hungry spectators and great sales in the boutiques along 4th Avenue and plenty of indie-craft and jewellery shopping booths for something a little more original.

This kind of reminds me of the Ghostbuster car...
Charms from India and Thailand being sold by a nice old man with dreads, who was also giving away sweet-smelling incense to some kids nearby. He travels around Asia a lot, he finds most of his knick knacks.  

This made me laugh: a bunch of pretentious hipsters on the front lawn on this slight worn-down house,  with barely any room to stand, trying not to fall off the wall. 
Free snowcone! I chose grape :)
Street Jenga! 
Purdy's famous Hedgehog made an appearance, much to the delight of many small tykes.
Always organic and fresh.
Smart dog. It was getting very HOT in the afternoon, and he decided to take a little siesta under the table away from the sunshine. 
I. Want. This. 
Mini donuts ad screamers! 
They make a great salmon burger and a delicious poutine with mushroom gravy.

He's pet lizard is a huge fan of indie music.  
The Zolas gathering in for a group hug before starting the show. 
The Zolas played one or two songs from their upcoming album, to be released sometime this fall. 

The sunset over Granville Street as I'm waiting for the bus home. 

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