Sunday, September 15, 2013

dying to try it out

This is the first time that I've ever dyed my hair. I've always been curious about dying my hair but every single time, I would talk myself out of it, citing my low-maintenance hair habits and not wanting to bother with re-touching the roots every 4 weeks. However, after nixing the idea of dying my hair aqua (which would require copious amounts of bleach and tears), I decided to try a blue/black tint, just to give my hair more dimension and interest.

I didn't really research which hair dye to use, I just picked up whatever was on sale and this happened to be it. Knowing that this would get a little messy, I cleared off my counter and laid down a towel. I also wrapped a dark-coloured towel around my shoulders and wore a black t-shirt, so if there was any staining, it would be virtually undetectable.

"Blue black, intense colour cream, vibrant colour." Sold!
What was in the box and where the magic happens.
The aftermath: Besides a few splatters of hair-dye in the bathroom sink and tub (which washed off easily enough), I didn't make that big of a mess! High five me!
You can kinda see the blue tint when I use flash photography. However, in natural lighting, you can't really see it very well. But my hair did turn out the BLACKEST of black. Before, I did have some natural dark brown tones in my hair, but now it's pitch black. I kinda like it, and I don't mind if it grows out because it will just blend in with my natural base colour.
My thoughts: It was fun to try it out. It was also a lot easier than I thought it would be. Would I do it again? I wouldn't mind going lighter, maybe to a brunette shade, in the spring/summer months. However, the one thing that I couldn't stand was the SMELL of the hair dye. UGH. It had such an unpleasant smell to it that after I disposed of the hair dye, I lit a candle to get rid of the remaining odor. So, if I do decide to go lighter in the spring/summer, I might get it professionally done. Also, I feel like there's a likely chance that my hair will turn orange if I try to lighten it myself at home. And I don't want orange hair.

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