Saturday, September 28, 2013

home decor

It's been over a year since I moved into my own place and I'm still in the middle of getting it to look the way I want. So far, I'm happy with how my living room looks, especially after I bought this awesome black and white graphic rug from IKEA! I wanted the black and white striped one, but the colour combo was more of a black and cream, which I didn't like. Then, my mum spotted this one and it was love at first sight.  As they say, mums always know best :)
{Red couch - IKEA // Pillows - IKEA, Pier 1, West Elm // Silver owl stool - Urban Barn // Coffee table - CB2 // Silver floral bowl - IKEA} Sorry for the blurry photo; I took this on my iPhone late at night.

I spent a Saturday moving my desk around. It use to face the wall, but I wanted to take advantage of the natural light coming from the window, so I moved it to face the other wall. The downside is that I have no room to put the printer beside the desk. I might have to do some inventive maneuvering but I like where the desk is now. We'll see how long this will last :P
{Cork board - Staples // Filing cabinet - IKEA // Picture & frame - auction}
{Desk, waste basket, chair, lamp, sheepskin rug as cushion - IKEA // Pillow - West Elm // Blue & aqua stationary set - Chapters}
Now, I need to find a picture to put up against this blank wall... Any suggestions?

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