Friday, August 31, 2012

if you've ever wondered why the squid population has decreased drastically...

... is because they were selling squid left, right and center at the Richmond Night Market. You can even get a whole grilled squid for like $6, if you really, REALLY like seafood.

Anyway, a friend was in town, visiting her family after spending three years in the southern United States of America, (specifically in Oklahoma and South Carolina) and of course, we had to make a stop at the Richmond Night Market for some good Asian food. The southern states might have some good BBQ but you can't beat delicious Asian street food.

Started off our food adventure with the classic takoyaki (octopus) balls with a drizzle of mayo, seaweed and bonito flakes. These have to cool down to the appropriate temperature before you can shovel them into your pie hole, or else you'll end up burning your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and your taste buds will be shot for the rest of the night.
We saw this food truck and we're very curious about trying the deep fried cheesecake (the deep fried Mars bar was $5!) but decided to come back to it later because it would have been too much, too early. 
Wishing tree with lots of wishes tied to its branches. When the wish falls off the tree, it will come true. 
Okonoiyaki or Japanese pizza with chicken, teriyaki sauce, mayo and bonito flakes. Very tasty, but they skimped on the chicken, or at least on my half of the pizza. 
Angry Birds have come to life! 
Here we go... We chose classic cheesecake with strawberry syrup because everything else sounds too sickly sweet. 
As if a deep fried Mars bar wasn't bad enough, let's throw in some BACON. Because bacon goes with everything, right?
Here it is! Deep friend cheesecake with strawberry syrup, whipped cream and sliced fresh strawberries. 
And here is the aftermath. It was messy to eat because after being fried, the cheesecake was all gooey inside. Still very tasty though and the batter was thin and not oily or greasy at all. 

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