Saturday, September 1, 2012

lazy summer day

Headed downtown to enjoy the sunshine and do some shopping, as all the stores are having their summer clearance sales to make room for fall stock. What I didn't know was, that is was also the day of the Taiwanese festival with a food court along Granville Street. 
Delicious BBQ meats, supposedly the "best in town" if you want to believe the food vendor. 
Decorate your own paper lanterns!
Smiling and wishing you good fortune, most likely. 
Thumbs up for street food!
Velvet blue tank top that I bought at H&M. Nicely fitted shape and BEE-YOU-TIFUL colour as well. 
Another celebrity fragrance on the market and it's Lady Gaga's Fame. which is actually a black perfume but sprays clear when applied to the skin. 

The view from the Canada Line Bridgeport sky-train station while I was waiting for the next train. Blue skies and sunshine, how can you not love summer?
This is exactly how I felt after the end of the day, shopping and walking all over downtown. And what a cute little puppy! So adorable!

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