Friday, September 14, 2012

crazy cat post

Since I'm not allowed to have animals in my building (well... you are allowed a goldfish and 2 small birds, but you can't cuddle with them!), I've taken it upon myself to "adopt" my friend's cats. I spend quite a fair bit of time kissing, petting and playing with them and speaking to them in that baby voice that you don't realize you're doing until you hear yourself. The great advantage of "adopting" my friend's pets is that I get to do all the fun stuff, but the minute they get sick or miss the litter box, I just let them deal with the  mess!

Sir Sputnik Hubble may look like he's been in the catnip, but he was just being curious. 
This is Trotski. I might have woken him up from a cat nap. 
Sir Barnabas Snarffington the Third sitting in a shoe box, with the shoes pushed to the side. He sat in the shoe box all night, only getting up to turn around and make himself comfortable again. 
Sputnik snuggling with his favourite blankie. 
Snarf Snarf found a bigger box. 
Sputnik looking dashing with his moustache. 

Kinski! This is my friend's parents' cat. She's pretty. And she knows it. 
Sputnik: "It's been a long day of napping. So tired. Might need another nap soon... "
Snarf Snar sitting pretty on my friend's new IKEA ottoman. 

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