Saturday, October 16, 2010

fresh start to fall

I didn't realize how big of a grand opening party Joe Fresh was planning until I wandered downtown after work to buy a pair of hand-studded motorcycle leather boots that I was seriously covetting. I got there and a portion of Granville Street was shut down for the free street concert. I had to wade through a crowd of shrieking pubescent 14-year olds freaking out over Stereos and Marianas Trench (had to Google it to see if it was spelt with an apostrophe or not). My ears were ringing at the end of it all. Although, I will admit some of the songs in the Marianas Trench set were catchy. Stereos on the other hand were so auto-tuned, I could barely make out words to their songs. If you even want to call them "songs."

Stereos not singing for a change.

Marianas Trench and actual singing.

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