Sunday, February 6, 2011

cupcakes, coffee and dinner (in that order)

What: hanging with friends and forming new "bromances"
Where: Aqua Riva
When: Dinner
Why: Vancouver Dineout 2011 continues!

Red velvet cupcake with pink butter-cream icing found at your local Starbucks. So pretty... and SO GOOD.
Started off with a drink: pink grapefruit margarita with gold leaf salted rim.
Grilled scallops with couscous in kiwi sauce.
My friend ordered the grilled salmon with butter leek risotto and garnished with sweet corn and black beans.
Wood grilled prawns served with fennel pesto pasta.
Banana chocolate cake. That's a large slice of dried banana on top as a garnish. Tasty, but I think I want more chocolate in my chocolate cake, if that makes any sense.

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