Friday, June 21, 2013

oops, I did it again

This wasn't suppose to happen. It completely caught me off guard and in the whirlwind of euphoria, I whipped out my credit card without a second thought and I was out in 20 minutes with a bright pink shopping bag slung over my shoulder.

This is how it went down: I had stopped by Holt Renfrew on Thursday to say hi to a friend. I was heading back into the mall and to get to the overpass, I had to go upstairs and walk past the shoe section. Holt Renfrew had their shoe sale going on for about 2 weeks now, so the racks were out, shoes were strewned on the floor and overall, it was a hot mess. However, out of the corner of my eye, something sparkly caught my attention. With my spidey senses tingling, I zoned in on the sparkle and much to my surprise, it was the Prada sequined loafers that I had been lusting over for months!

When the shoe sale had initially started, I had perused the racks to see if the loafers were discounted. I couldn't find them anyway, so I asked the sales associate if there was any in the back, and she told me that they had sold out of the shoes. Disappointed, I went on my way and never thought about them again, convinced that I had missed out on a lovely pair of shoes.

Well, that obviously wasn't the case, because I managed to find the last pair of size 39's on Thursday! I was chatting with the sales associate who was ringing up my purchase and she mentioned that  there was just so much stock in the back and with the limited space on the floor, it wasn't possible to display all the shoes on sale. So, as they slowly cleared out their backroom, they come across more and more shoes to bring out onto the floor and as luck would have it, the Prada sequined loafers were one of those pairs!

I am madly in love with these shoes. So much so, that I bought a pair for my friend who loves them just as much as me (shoe twinsies!). Now, I'm off to freeze all my credit cards until September!

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