Saturday, July 6, 2013

summer sales

The summer sales have started already and I did a little bit of on-line retail therapy at Zara. However, as much as I love the convenience of on-line shopping, there are downsides and the main one for me is the fit of the clothes. Unfortunately, I only kept 2 out of the 5 items that I ordered from Zara because it was ill-fitting or it just didn't look good on me.

Sequined blazer: Love the look of it, but it did not fit me at all... the sleeves were too short, the lining kept bunching up in the back and it had shoulder pads. I am not a fan of shoulder pads.
I really, REALLY wanted to love this coat. I love the military style, the navy colour, the pea coat style and the buttons. But... again, it was the fit. While it was fine unbuttoned, it didn't look so hot when it was completed buttoned up. I felt like the collar was too baggy and loose. If there were 6 buttons, it would have been more tailored and therefore, perfect for me.
I thought this sweater was a no-brainer, something that I would wear to death the minute I got it on my body... however... the body of the sweater was really baggy on me and the sleeves were too tight. Proportionately wrong.
Love plaid, love the gold details and love the colour and it FITS. This one is for keeps.
Love the colour but hated the shoulder pads.
Finally, a tuxedo blazer that looks good and doesn't break the bank! Great for special occasions, parties or wanting to look extra spiffy just because you feel like it.
Thank goodness Zara has an excellent return policy. It's one of the reasons why I love shopping on-line :)

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