Friday, December 10, 2010

bratwurst, schnitzel and gluhwein

served piping hot at the Vancouver Christmas Market! Headed downtown after work to check out the festivities and while I thoroughly enjoyed my bratwurst (kid-size) and hot apple spice (spiked, of course ☺), I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. First off, an adult-size bratwurst would have set me back $8 (hence the reason why I got the kid-size version for $5) and as good as the bratwurst was (fried onions, sauerkraut with a generous helping of mustard, but no ketchup allowed!), I don't think it was worth $5. The spiked apple spice kept me warm and buzzed throughout the night, and I liked how they served it in a souvenir cup that you can keep or return to get your $4 deposit back (drinks are $4 without deposit). When we were strolling around the market, we noticed that there were some electricity issues still being worked out as some of the lighting had to be rerouted to other areas, and some stalls had to close down early, including the baked stuffed apple booth. I think once they work out the kinks, maybe lower the prices on some of their food items, the market will be more successful, if it comes back next year.

Drinks anyone?
Old-fashioned wooden toys that you don't find at your usual retails shops or department stores.
Entertainment at the gazebo. Lots of jazzy Christmas carols were sung.
Porcelain figurines, hand-made and hand-painted from Poland.
I'm not quite sure what this is, but it had a cat so therefore a picture was required.
Nordic Santa.
Who doesn't want an angry looking bear as their Christmas tree ornament?
Apparently, these figurines blow incense out of their months...
So cute!
Santa is packing up his toy sack! Kinda small this year, though... I hope the recession didn't hit the North Pole. Where will the laid off elves go?
Mr and Mrs Gingerbread!
Because that's what everyone needs in their lives: fruity looking soaps in the shower stalls and bath tubs. I predict it's going to be a hot ticket item. Get them while they're still fresh! (pun intended)
Glass Christmas ornaments would never work in my house, no matter how pretty they look.
I don't know what the sign says, but they sold cookies and that is what really matters.

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