Wednesday, October 9, 2013

looking polished

I am a nail polish addict. There, I said it. Before, I was in denial. I was reluctant to admit that I had a problem, that nail polish is fairly inexpensive, comes in so many colours and effects and it was such a small purchase that it really meant nothing.

Currently, my nail polish collection is housed in a large shoe box. But, now my nail polish obsession has outgrown the shoe box and has overflowed onto the bookshelf because as an addict, you can never have enough.

For a while, I've been really good about not purchasing nail polish. I thought I had all the colours that I needed, and I didn't really see anything exciting in the fall collections coming out. That was until I saw this beauty in Sephora. Sephora has recently revamped their nail polish selection and now carry Nails Inc., Ciate, Butter London, Julep, Jin Soon, The New Black, their own brand, Formula X for Sephora and Deborah Lippmann.

Deborah Lippmann is a high-end nail polish brand that I'm not familiar with, as the brand is not widely accessible. I know you can get it at Holt Renfrew and at smaller boutiques, like Beauty Mark in Yaletow, but other than those two places, I don't know where else you can find it. 

As I walked by the nail polish selection, this immediately caught my eye. Forget that I tagged along with a friend to Sephora with no intentions of making a purchase. Forget that I don't need another bottle of nail polish to add to my already exploding collection. Forget that it was probably one of the most expensive nail polish purchase I've ever made ($20!). It was love at first sight! I tried to convince myself that I didn't need it but every time we passed by the display, I kept picking it up and staring at the sparkles. Finally, after very little persuasion from my friend, I was in line at the checkout, wallet out and nail polish in hand.

It's so PRETTY!
Another nail polish that me and my friend were both eying up was Marc Jacobs 'Petra.'. It was sold out at the Sephora store we were at, so I only walked away with the Deborah Lippmann. However, when I was downtown, I decided to pop into Sephora at the mall for a quick-see and found three bottles of Petra left! I quickly nab two bottles, one for me and one for my friend and was in line in a matter of minutes. Probably the quickest purchase I've ever made at Sephora! And this colour is a beauty!

Don't mind the blurry photo but this was the best shot of the colour that I had.
I've tried taking pictures of this polish from different angles, but it's hard to capture the colour on camera. It's a gorgeous taupe colour with almost a bronze shimmer running through it. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the upcoming fall/autumn months. This bottle of polish also happens to be the most expensive nail polish I own, at $22, which is insane. I'm going to put myself on a nail polish ban until December, because my nail polish collection is getting out of hand...

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