Thursday, October 10, 2013

summer randomness

Lots of stuff happened in August:
I got a sample of the new Jo Malone perfume, peony & blush suede, in the mail and it smelled so wonderful that I ended up getting a (small) bottle.
"What's in the basket, ma'am?" Image on a barber shop window.
I made a mango peach smoothie and threw in some ice cubes in the shape of star fishes to jazz up my drink.
Watched N'SYNC perform at the MTV Music Awards and reverted back to my teenage years and I may have squealed just a little bit. I was disappointed that they didn't perform more songs though.
I happened to be downtown, doing errands, when the Victoria Secret opened their doors for their grand opening and the lineup went around the corner and down the block. It was insane. I'm glad I decided to wait two weeks before venturing into that store because by then, the excitement had died down and it was less crowded.
Breakfast of champions, made by moi: poached eggs with pesto, sautéed cherry tomatoes and spinach on toasted whole wheat English muffins, baked paprika potatoes, cubed watermelon, a bowl of peach yogurt and a glass of orange juice.
I found a Pikachu onesie at Topshop! Early Christmas present for that special someone?
Grilled cheese sandwich with chorizo sausages from Mom's Grilled Cheese food truck. There is always a lineup in front of this food truck, but I finally scored a sandwich! So much cheesy goodness!
Sputznik posing for me; he's my chubby boo :)

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